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Abraj Al Tahwiliya (QIMC Tower West Bay)


Abraj Al Tahwiliya (QIMC Tower West Bay)
Dafna, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Mixed-Use (Office, Hotel, Residential, Retail)
December 2018
33 Months
Arab Engineering Bureau
Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC)

Project Description

The QIMC Tower West Bay now known as Abraj Al Tahwiliya, owned by Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC), is an iconic tower designed to be built along West Bay, Corniche to redefine Doha’s Skyline and to create interaction and connection with the community and the urban environment.

The Project is described as a mix use high rise iconic tower combination comprising a luxury hotel and apartments tower, an office tower and a residential tower along with 4 basements for car park and 5 levels of Podium for Retail. The adjacent leased plot is used for ample landscaping and underground parking in 4 levels. It has a GFA of approximately 120,000 m2.

Abraj Al Tahwiliya tower is comprising three wings of elliptical footprint (heights: 120m, 145m and 180m) interlocked with the cylindrical core volume (height: 180m). The tower elevates from a trapezoidal shaped podium (height: approx. 30m). The podium is fully glazed with a vertical‐plumb façade on ground floor but with inclined triangular shaped panels from levels Mezzanine to Podium Level‐3. An open rooftop deck is situated over the podium.

The cylindrical core volume is cladded with aluminum panels, which also integrate fixed glazing (hexagonal shape). The façade of the three perimeter wings consists of a curtain wall system with floor to ceiling glazing, aluminum spandrels and a decorative outer screen of a hexagonal pattern. At the top of each of the three wings, the hexagonal screen projects vertically above the last floor, constituting the crown feature of the building. The roof top level of the Residential tower is also to serve as a pool deck or sky deck for enjoyment of the building users.

The project is designed in line with sustainability requirements of Star 2 rating as outlined by GSAS Qatar.

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