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Labour Welfare

Redco´s approach :

  • It is part of our strategy that Labour welfare is an important dimension of industrial relation, our labour welfare includes overall welfare facilities designed to take care of well-being of employee’s and in order to increase their living standard.
  • We understand that including Labour welfare services facilities and amenities shall undertake the labours to perform their work in healthy and pleasant environment and the purpose of facilities to improve their health and bring high morale at work.

Key points to our objectives of labour welfare

  • To build stable work force.
  • To make employees lives good and worth living.
  • To provide healthy and proper working conditions.

We do emphasize on the scope of labour;

  • Working environment
  • Health facilities
  • General welfare programs and
  • Labour welfare programs

In order to keep the quality of our works and delivery of our projects cohesive with Health & Safety Procedures.

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